Nigerian Comics Set to Take World by Storm


Image courtesy of Vortex Comics

Founded in 2015, Lagos based comic book company Vortex Comics is striving to create a new generation of comic book fans in Nigeria.  During an interview with Jordan Calhoun from blacknerdproblems, CEO Somto Ajuluchukwu highlighted his mission to create a mythology of superheroes specifically designed for Nigerian readers.  The titles and characters draw on both current issues (political and otherwise) affecting African readers, as well as ancient Yoroba traditions and ideals in an attempt to educate young readers on their cultural heritage.


Vortex continues to press forward with giving back to their community in the creation of the Vortex Academy.  The Vortex Academy is a co curricular program that works with Lagos area schools to teach classes in illustration, graphic design, animation, and coding. Unfortunately, this program is only for the Lagos region in Nigeria, but you can check out their YouTube channel to watch this awesome group of guys at work.


The crew behind Vortex Comics

Check out their website, buy some comics, and help spread the love to get this movement off the ground!


Young Justice Takes a Dip in the Lazerus Pit?

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network

Early February, the internet exploded with rumors of Netflix possibly bringing back the beloved (and tragically shortlived) series after releasing Season 2 on their streaming service.

Paul Dini Interview

Though Young Justice was highly rated in Cartoon Network’s DC Nation animation block, the show was baffingly axed before airing it’s third season.

Shortly after the cancellation was announced, Paul Dini (writer for Batman: The Animated Series and creator of Harley Quinn) speculated on this briefly on Episode 52 of Kevin Smith’s “Fatman on Batman” podcast. Dini noted a growing trend in Cartoon Network of cycling out shows they feel are “too old” for their target demographic.

Dini also went on to speak of his experience with other television executives, alluding that some would outright discourage a female audience, their reasoning being “they [girls] don’t buy toys.” Though Dini strongly mentioned not hearing these sentiments from Cartoon Network executives, the thought of these attitudes are unsettling when speaking of the future of comic book inspired animation.

Hope Remains

There is still hope! Recently, Danica McKeller (voice of Miss Martian) recently did a Periscope Q&A, speaking of an ongoing twitter campaign to ressurect the show. Mckeller, amoung other Young Justice alumni have joined their voices (and twitter accounts!) to the cause, asking fans to continue tweeting and streaming to gain the attention of Netflix executives.

If Deadpool’s swelling box office numbers are any indication, this plan is just crazy enough to work!

As always, stay awesome, and keep watching Young Justice!!!

Updates and Such

Wow, it has been way too long since my last update.  Between holidays and work schedule changes 2016 has been an absolute rollercoaster so far!

But Spring is here and the world is rife with comic news!  With Edx preparing it’s next Superhero course and a new deluge of superhero movies preparing to hit theaters, it still is a very exciting time to be a comic book fan.

Until next time folks, keep it awesome!