The World’s Mightiest Heroes – Doga, “The One Man Army”

This blog series was inspired by edx alumni Varun Rajagopalan and his awesome posts in the “Heroes Risen” facebook group.

In a culture so innundated with American superhero heavyweights like Superman and The Avengers, its easy for me to forget that there are heroes in other countries with the same amount of influence in their respective regions. Thankfully, with the ease of distribution only the internet can provide, heroes from across the globe are starting to make a big splash in the world wide comic book game.

This series will cover some of the most iconic superheroes from around the world, with diverse and intriguing back stories unique to each region’s culture.

Doga- The One Man Army

Doga by Siddartha Panwar
Artwork courtesy of Siddartha Panwar of Raj Comics

Creators: Tarun Kumar Wahi, Sanjay Gupta, and Manu
Publisher: Raj Comics
Abilities: Ability to communicate with dogs to gain information, extensive strength and martial arts training, very high pain tolerance, weapons expert.

Origin: Doga (real name, Suraj), is the first, and currently only anti-hero in Raj Comics roster. Much like The Punisher, Doga is a vigilante, originally found abandoned at a garbage dump by the Dacoit (gang member) Daku Halkan Singh. Halken Singh “raised” Suraj, mostly treating him as a pet dog. During his childhood, Suraj was forced to witness various violent crimes and murders until he was eventually abandoned by Halken Singh, leaving Suraj a sociopath. Fortunately, Suraj was taken in by Adrak Chacha and his brothers that ran a local gym (called “Lion Gym”). While remaining with the brothers, Suraj experienced a loving family for the first time in his life and began training in various martial arts along with being trained as a marksman.

Tradgedy soon struck as a rival to Adrack Chacha’s gym named Killota, opened business and attempted to kill Adrack and his brothers to eliminate the competition. Suraj then assumed the title of Doga, and wearing a dog mask, eradicated Killota’s gang. Afterwards, Suraj settled in Mumbai and began his one man crusade against all organized crime, and much like America’s own Punisher, showed his prey no mercy.

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